What we do

Set Up


We can jump in as early as the business is set up and operations are ready to start. Being involved early will help do it right from the beginning. Since a lot of moving parts are involved like, Quickbooks, online banking, payroll, computer, cell phone & other 3rd party apps, its important to plan ahead. 

If your business is already up and running, we can evaluate the processes and recommend improvements if applicable. 

We can also put you in touch with our trusted partners for specialized services

Clean up


This step is often the starting point for us.   Prompted by tax season lurking,  CPA's requests, bookkeeper leaving or when data is needed for financial reasons. Businesses have been operating for while and they need us to fix past years due to poor bookkeeping or a lack there of. 

Most small business owners often focus on their primary role, which is understandable, and relinquish books to a "to do later"list. Unfortunately, when it catches up to them, it can become a huge drain. 

This is however, the most crucial phase to put the business bookkeeping on track. It also gives a chance establishes new processes. This streamlining brings order to chaos or simplifies the journey



Once the business is back on track or if we step in when books have been properly maintained, this is where we put into action, what we established in the prior phases. We determine the proper intervals to update the books to provide financial information to the business owners.  This is where the new streamlining pay off & where costs go down because processes are automated and reviewed for accuracy by our team. 



"In real time" reporting real  data  is what small businesses need the most  but rarely get to have fast enough. By the time the information is available,  the decisions have already been made. We provide at predetermined intervals, reporting adapted to each individual business needs. By utilizing the technology available paired with the right process, we can fast track reporting on profit & Loss, cash flows & loan management 



Part of our services is to make sure that our clients follow the different governments filing and reporting as required. We do payroll filings, subcontractor reporting, to annual reporting, Sales taxes reporting to the appropriate states, tax season preparedness, non profit flings. We refer to other professionals when needed.



We are experienced accounting professionals that provide high end bookkeeping services. We then can hand over he books ready and accurate to taxation experts, Certified Accountant Professionals (CPA) or institutions   chosen by our clients and are available to interact them with as much as needed. This minimizes the involvement from the business owners to a minimum.